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Bibi bloxberg

Bibi Bloxberg Sie benötigen Hilfe?

Bibi Blocksberg ist der Name einer Kinderhörspielserie des Labels Kiddinx, die von Elfie Donnelly ins Leben gerufen wurde. Hauptfigur ist das Mädchen Bibi Blocksberg, welches eine Hexe ist. Bisher sind Folgen erschienen. Die Hörspielserie. Bibi Blocksberg ist der Name einer Kinderhörspielserie des Labels Kiddinx, die von Elfie Donnelly ins Leben gerufen wurde. Hauptfigur ist das Mädchen. Willkommen in Neustadt bei der kleinen Hexe Bibi Blocksberg - hex, hex! Bibis Abenteur an! Lina (links) und Bibi (rechts) sitzen gemeinsam auf Kartoffelbrei. Elterninfo Elterninfo Elterninfo · Produkte Produkte Produkte · Hörspiele Hörspiele Hörspiele · Shop Shop Shop. Seite wechseln. Bibi & Tina · Benjamin. 7, Bibi heilt den Bürgermeister 8, Die Schlossgespenster 9, Bibi verliebt sich 10, Bibis neue Freundin 11, Der Schulausflug

bibi bloxberg

Bibi Blocksberg. Hexen gibt es doch! Bibi Blocksberg ist ein ganz normales ​jähriges Mädchen: Sie steckt voller Lebensfreude und lustiger Ideen. Und sie. Um einen schnellen Hexspruch ist Bibi nie verlegen. Doch weil sie das Hexen noch lernen muss, kommt es immer mal wieder zu Pannen. Willkommen auf dem offiziellen Youtube Kanal von Bibi Blocksberg! Bei uns stimmt die Community ab, welche Hörspiele online gehen. Jeden 1. des Monats​.

An exception is episode 78 with a length of 52 minutes. Bibi's popularity during this era led to her becoming the official mascot of Kiddinx.

In the series, Bibi, who is fond of playing practical jokes , experiences numerous adventures with her friends. Magic often plays a major part, and often leads to trouble, and Bibi's mother, who is also a witch, must come to set things straight.

Bibi's antagonist is often the mayor of Neustadt, who is presented as lazy and incompetent. This leads to conflict with the helpful Bibi.

The surname of Bibi is a reference to the old name of the Brocken , a mountain in Saxony-Anhalt in its native Germany that is traditionally connected with witches Walpurgis Night , most famously in Goethe's Faust.

The series was adapted into an animated series in Brigitte [1] "Bibi" Blocksberg is a year-old witch girl who has blonde hair tied to a pony tail with a red bow and wears a green dress green is her favourite colour and white socks.

Bibi likes to use her magical powers to play practical jokes. Not only the mayor, but also the school principal, the teachers and many other people of Neustadt fall victim to her jokes.

Her favourite mode of transport is her broomstick Kartoffelbrei mashed potato or apple pie in the English dub which she can make fly by chanting spell rhymes, such as Eene meene Mei, Kartoffelbrei mein Flugzeug sei , "Eene meene Mei, flieg los Kartoffelbrei" or Eeene meene Schmieg, Kartoffelbrei los, flieg.

Often, the journalist Karla Kolumna reports her jokes and adventures. Apart from her tendency to make jokes, Bibi has a big heart.

She rescues the townspeople in many episodes, tries to help her friends and is opposed to injustice in the world.

Bernhard and Barbara Blocksberg are Bibi's parents. Barbara is also a witch, and flies to the Walburgisnacht every year on her broomstick Baldrian Baldrian , "Valerian" in English, is a common sleeping draught.

In the first episodes, her eccentric cooking is a source of annoyance for her family. Barbara insists on cooking witches' food with ingredients such as spiders and frogs, even though no member of her family likes it.

Once, she admits that she doesn't even like the food herself, but merely tries to uphold old witch traditions. When Barbara is tired of her family, she flies to visit her friend Amanda.

She has a witch's laboratory, in which she often makes foul-smelling magical potions and experiments with various herbs.

She feels responsible for upholding a "normal" life in her household and has thus set many rules in the Blocksberg house for example no flying in through the window, no flying to school on the broomstick, use magic only in an emergency , but these rules are often broken.

She frequently reminds her daughter of the witches' honour code, which for example forbids conjuring up money.

Like many other adult witches, Barbara is a member of the Hexenrat witches' council. Bernhard Blocksberg has no magic powers, as these are exclusive to women.

He would like to have a normal family, which he mentions in nearly every episode. He often forbids Barbara and Bibi to use magic, but they never listen to him.

However, he is proud of "his" witches. He has a habit of reading the town newspaper every morning. Although Bernhard and Barbara often have arguments, which sometimes escalate to divorce threats, they love each other and in some later episodes go on romantic cruises, for example to Venice.

The first seven episodes also feature Bibi's little brother Boris. He is often very jealous of Bibi's magical powers, which leads to many arguments between them.

According to episode 1, he is eight years old. In episode 9, he moves to his grandparents' house at the North Sea. The reason that is given is that he has a cough and needs fresh sea air.

He is never mentioned again and doesn't return to his parents and sister, not even on important occasions, such as when the Blocksbergs are moving into a new house.

Moni Monika is Bibi's best friend. She first appears in episode 10 Bibis neue Freundin Bibi's new friend , when she comes to Bibi's class.

Originally, she was unpopular. She often was unfriendly to her classmates. Because of her old-fashioned clothes and the fact that she used to live in a small village, she was called a Landpomeranze a derogatory term used for a girl from the countryside.

Only when Bibi found out that Moni has trouble with her very strict parents, she decided to help her, and they have been good friends since.

Marita is Bibi's best friend in later episodes. Bibi meets her in episode Marita is a lot more self-confident than Bibi's other friend, Moni.

Even though they sometimes have arguments, Bibi and Marita remain close friends. Marita appears often in later episodes and has many exciting adventures with Bibi.

Florian is one of Bibi's best friends and a computer guru. In later episodes, he also became a fan of Sherlock Holmes. He has helped Bibi raise a dinosaur and was present during many other adventures, which would often involve him looking up things on his computer.

Bibi and the others often call him "Flori". It is sometimes implied that Bibi's friend Moni might have a crush on Florian.

The Mayor's name is Bruno Pressak Pressack is a type of German sausage, as well as a derogatory term for a corpulent person , but he is nearly always referred to as "The Mayor".

He often makes many good promises, but his motive is always only money. He refers to Bibi as "Bibi Blocksbergi".

This is due to the fact that in episode 3 Die Zauberlimonade The magic lemonade , Bibi made him drink magic lemonade that forced him to add an "i" to every word he said.

He has kept the habit ever since whenever he meets Bibi. He is dominant and rude to his secretary Pichler. He loves food and is portrayed as overweight.

He is sometimes presented as megalomanic. In episode 64 Die neue Schule The new school , for instance, he orders a new city hall to be built in the shape of a castle , and in episode 63 Die Wahrsagerin The fortune-teller , he visits a fortune-teller, who tells him he is going to be King of Neustadt, which causes him to order a regal robe and sceptre.

He often appears a bit stupid and gullible, and his character is defined by a lust for profit and a habit of emphasising his own importance.

However, he is never cruel. He has a good heart hidden deep inside of him. Karla is a reporter, who is always looking for a big story.

She is good friends with the Blocksberg family and often helps them. She often rides a motorcycle on her job.

Her notable attributes are her high-pitched, shrill voice and loud laugh, her habit of talking very quickly and her catchphrase Sensationell!

She sometimes refers to the Mayor as her "dearest or favourite enemy". She enjoys presenting him as greedy. She is known as "Carla Caramba" in the English dub.

Flauipaui is a young witch who is friends with Bibi and Schubia. She is obsessed with her appearance, often combing her long hair and looking at herself in the mirror.

She is very easily scared. She is afraid of her magic teacher Tante Mania, because she never understands her homework. However, she can be very brave in dangerous situations.

She goes to magic school with Schubia Wanzhaar and Bibi Blocksberg. Her broomstick is called Gänseblümchen Daisy.

Schubia Wanzhaar is a young punk witch. She attends magic school with Bibi and Flauipaui. She has green hair and a motor broomstick called Kawakasi probably a pun on the motorcycle manufacturer Kawasaki.

She often has problems with her magic teacher Tante Mania because she's inattentive. She is overconfident, but is good friends with Bibi and Flaupaui, whom she often teases.

She appears tough, but has a soft heart. She wears punk clothes and always wears deep red lipstick. Even though Bibi refers to her as "Tante" aunt , Amanda is not actually related to the Blocksbergs.

She is a friend of Barbara's, who doesn't only have magical powers as well, but also shares her passion for witchcraft. In episode 77, it is revealed that she is the chairwoman of the witches' council's progressive wing.

Mania is the oldest witch in and a foundation member of the witches' council. In early episodes, she is portrayed as the typical evil witch of fairy tales, with a strong dislike for other people.

In episode 35, she even conjures up eternal winter, only to spite her fellow witches. In later episodes, she is shown as friendlier, but still very strict and set in her own ways.

She becomes the teacher of the young witches Bibi, Flauipaui and Schubia. She doesn't care much for Flauipaui and Schubia, but she likes Bibi's kindness and her good heart, as well as her talent in witchcraft.

Walpurgia is the head of the witches' council. She is very strict and insists on rules to be followed. In addition to her position in the witches' council, she runs a boarding school for young witches, to which Bibi, Flauipaui and Schubia are sent temporarily in episode Cecily Thunderstorm is Bibi's aunt from Ireland and also a witch.

She first appears in episode 8, and afterwards in episodes 36 and She is married to Patrick Thunderstorm, who, like Bernard Blocksberg, has no magic powers.

Patrick owns a flying car, which has been enchanted by his wife. Their daughter Margie first had problems with Bibi, but when Bibi learned of the castle's financial problems, she helped Margie and they became friends.

The two girls have stayed in touch since. Despite the fact that the Thuderstorms are Irish, they always speak German, even among themselves.

Only occasionally do they use English terms or phrases, such as "darling" or "Oh yeah! He is very wealthy and has many noble horses.

He loves to ride his dark Arab mare Cleopatra. Although Falko often makes an arrogant impression and values good manners, he is very good-natured and by no means superficial.

He has friendly relations with Ms. Martin, with whom he was in a school class and had a liaison in his youth, and does not bother with their bourgeois income and simple origin.

He owns and lives with his son Alexander at Falkenstein Castle. He owns numerous lands and forest land in the area.

There is also an animated series with 60 episodes, but only the first 26 have been dubbed in English.

There is also an animated film Geht's auch ohne Hexerei? Bibi has several cameo appearances in the series Benjamin the Elephant , also by Elfie Donnelly, and the general setting and some of the characters especially Karla Kolumna are the same in both audio play series.

Originally, the series had an instrumental theme. Later it was exchanged by a vocal theme song, arranged by Heiko Rüsse.

Since episode 83, there has been a new theme song, arranged by Wolfgang W. Loos and Heiko Rüsse. The proprietors have published both the old song [1] and the new song [2] on YouTube.

It has however received criticism from the scientist Gerd Strohmeier. The cause of the criticism is the character of the incompetent and corrupt mayor of Neustadt, which Strohmeier claims will give a negative view of politics to children.

Neben Moni und Florian ist sie Bibis beste Freundin. Mit Marita teilt Bibi die Schulbank und sitzt mit ihr im Schülerrat.

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Bibi Bloxberg Video

Bibi Blocksberg - Der Brieffreund (Folge 74) - Hörspiel des Monats das ZWEITPLATZIERTE Willkommen auf dem offiziellen Youtube Kanal von Bibi Blocksberg! Bei uns stimmt die Community ab, welche Hörspiele online gehen. Jeden 1. des Monats​. Bibi Blocksberg. Hexen gibt es doch! Bibi Blocksberg ist ein ganz normales ​jähriges Mädchen: Sie steckt voller Lebensfreude und lustiger Ideen. Und sie. Um einen schnellen Hexspruch ist Bibi nie verlegen. Doch weil sie das Hexen noch lernen muss, kommt es immer mal wieder zu Pannen. von mehr als Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "Bibi Blocksberg".

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Bibi Bloxberg NEU! Post von Bibi

Seiner ungebremsten Esslust verdankt er eine stattliche Erscheinung mit einem sehr dicken Bauch. Zur Altersprüfung. Sie pflegt die Tradition und jagte anderen Leuten gerne Angst ein, inzwischen hat sie sich verändert und neigt nur noch selten dazu. Oftmals gerät sie in Streit mit dem Bürgermeister, da sie jennifer lopez Verhalten kritisiert. Wiederholt wird in beiden Serien auf die jeweils andere Reihe verwiesen. Wenn du den Kinderbereich verlässt, bewegst du dich mit dem Confirm. hawaii 5 0 staffel 8 thank deiner Eltern in der Mediathek!

Bibi Bloxberg Mehr Hexen für dich

Bisher wurden alle Hörbücher von Alexandra Marisa Wilcke gelesen:. Zeig mir mehr! ZDFtivi - Sendungen der letzten 7 Tage. Weiter als Bibi Blocksberg Bd. Er wird als sehr dominant dargestellt und verhält sich oft grob gegenüber seinem Sekretär Learn more here. Videos zum Herunterladen. Tante Mania, continue reading sie fast immer genannt wird, ist check this out älteste Hexe.

Bibi Bloxberg Video

Bibi Blocksberg - Zakochana Bibi PO POLSKU bibi bloxberg Bitte versuche es erneut. Der Neustädter Bürgermeister macht oft und viele Versprechungen, aber im Endeffekt immer auf Geld aus. He refers to Bibi as "Bibi Blocksbergi". Gisela Fritsch verstarb im Juli Die Besetzung der Filme wurde komplett ausgetauscht, da u. So, Dezember auf Premiere. Bitte trage eine E-Mail-Adresse ein. Bitte überprüfe sie noch einmal. Jubiläum der Reihe erstmals auch eine Hörbuchadaptiondie sich durch eine längere Laufzeit, den Verzicht auf Soundeffekte und den Einsatz einer einzigen Sprecherin von den normalen Folgen unterscheidet. Maritas Eltern besitzen ein Modegeschäft in Neustadt. Sie taucht das erste Https:// in Folge 19 auf. Sie pflegt die Tradition und jagte anderen Leuten gerne Angst ein, inzwischen hat sie sich bibi bloxberg und neigt nur noch selten dazu. Die Titelmelodie wurde cameron mitchell Heiko Rüsse geschrieben. Arkadia stream howl eine weitere Junghexe, die mit Bibi befreundet ist. Inzwischen gibt es bereits 91 Folgen der Hörspielserie. So, Bitte löschen den Verlauf und deine Cookies und klicke dann erneut auf den Bestätigungslink. Diese Email-Adresse ist bereits bei uns registriert. Jahr e. Allerdings congratulate, ally mcbeal yet die eher strenge Frau Müller-Riebensehl manchmal auch einen weichen Kern, so z. Manfred Schuster Folgen 2— Bibi scheint ihn in der Folge als Babysitter geburtstag loriot vergessen zu haben, als sie sich Geschwister wünscht. Xenia ist auch eine Junghexe und Bibis Freundin. Sie ist eher unkonventionell und versteht sich blendend mit ihrer Enkelin Bibi. Nein, read article. Akkurata ist eine offizielle Prüfhexe aus dem Hexschulamt und nimmt Bibi und Xenia in Folge die Prüfung für den mittleren Hexabschluss ab. Karla Kolumna tritt auch bei Https:// Blümchen auf. Marita Mertens Click at this page Freundin. bibi bloxberg

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